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Happy people tend to be healthier and have better immunity than others and have fewer heart diseases.

It’s very easy to live but we make it difficult by making mistakes everyone wants to be happy in life, wants to be positive, be more creative & productive.

Art of Happiness

Art of Happiness

Developing greater happiness for those seeking great success in every area of life is like having everything in one place.

Happy people live ten years longer than their less happy peers!

In addition, being happy improves mental health, increases resilience, and increases the ability to cope with pain and suffering.

The benefits of being happy are also visible in the person's field of work because happy people work better and earn more income and are more successful in every aspect of personal life as well.

The above findings on happiness have been found after the research of decades and experience of our ancestors, Yog Purush and mahatamas.

This is proven outcomes of happiness which is same with every human being. The main aim of the life is to get happiness and once you understand the real benefits of this, you will start working on how to reach or optimize happiness in your life. There are ways to get 360 Degrees Happiness in life.

Everyone in the world is clinging to one degree or the other. There are religions and spiritual beliefs in the world and everyone is bent on telling their own angle to be true and calling the other's angle untrue, calling it as a deviance. Everyone is telling the truth, trying to explain their own angle. They are engaged in pulling others towards their own angle.

But people who know that every angle is originated from the center so every degree/ angle is part of centre. True person is one who is free himself from such angles and make others free too. The 360 degree person knows that all angles emerge from center (me). If the person living at every angle is firmly holding his angle also, then he will definitely find out what is the source of this angle, where is it coming from? True person is one who is free himself from such angles and make others free too.

Art of Happiness

Art of Happiness

We need to get abundant life surrounded by happiness in ourself and also then to people in our surrounding.

The happiness can be achieved if we get 4 spheres of life i.e.

Health, Wealth, Relationship and Mental Peace.

Centre for Health and Happiness (CHH) provides a platform where the solution to any of your problems is available in a Spiritual and Vedic form. There is Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, Reiki for Health related problem and Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Mantra Sadhana and Spiritual Healing for Energy related problems, Mental peace and relationship. Qualified Brahmins for worship and rituals are available. Contact us for complete Spiritual Knowledge and Knowledge of True Sanatan Scriptures for Healthy and Mental Routine. CHH also provides the wealth by giving career opportunity.

Health, Wealth, Relationship and Mental Peace

Vedic Astrology & Happiness:

Fourth house is house of Happiness. Moon is our mind. We experience only with mind and Jupiter is permanent karma of happiness.

“Venus” is the only planet which is responsible for all the material happiness amenities & pleasure.

‘Venus’ represents all the luxury things available in this world along with being a chief significant or of vehicles & liquid cash.

Vedic Astrology & Happiness

Happiness represented by Venus can be elaborated as all those things which give us pleasure or fill us with happiness.

Only venus is the planet in Vedic Astrology which has the capacity to give post humour fame to an individual.

The vedic tradition of knowledge is actually a spiritual technology. Over millennia the sages of India have understood how to tweak the energy system we live in so our lives can function better.

Vedic Astrology & Happiness

Vedic secrets to happiness allows each of us to access the specific energy systems that need balancing in our own lives & offers many free and inexpensive practical activities that entrance the good stuff & fix problems.

According to Hindu teaching, life is meant for spiritual growth. This growth is in part, facilitated by karma, the concept that every thought & action has a corresponding reaction.

Originally known as Jyotish or “The Science of Light”, Vedic astrology is considered by many to be the eye of the vedas because it’s meant to provide guidance to individuals who feel lost or confused on their life’s journey.

Vedic Astrology & Happiness

Vastu and Happiness:

Vastu means things you should do for prosperity and happiness at home.

Plant the Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant in your home. Always plant Tulsi in the east or north direction.

One must ensure that only positive energy stays inside the house. Vastu suggests that the host must face north or east when guests visit.

Vastu Tips for Health and Happiness:-

1. Entrance: Positive energy, as well as financial resources, enters the home via the main door. The entrance to the house should be on the north or east side of the building’s front. Maintain the cleanliness & orderliness of your home, especially entryway.
2. Painting and other artefacts of decor: There are a lot of paintings of waterfall, rushing rivers & goldfish that bring in money. Tortoise, Figurines, buddhas & ganeshas are all good luck symbols exploiting them to the fullest potential hanging wind. Chines is an excellent vastu tip for wealth and happiness.
3. Clean and Orderly Environment: According to vastu , you should constantly maintain your home clean & orderly, regardless of whether you wish to attract prosperity, health or luck into your life. The more organized & clutter-free you maintain your home; the energy flow will be in your home overall.
4. Well-lit Kitchen: The heart of any home, it is said beats in the kitchen. Your home must be well organised & well –ventilated to protect the health of your family.
5. Fix any water leaks: According to vastu shastra’s money principles, there should be no leak in any part of the home, including the kitchen, outside spaces & the garden. Leakage is characterised by increased affluence of money, which results in a loss of financial stability.
6. Clear out Broken Things: Keep damaged items out of the home unless they are essential. Whether it is a shattered mirror, a broken windows or even broken furniture, get rid of it as soon as possible. Things that are broken obstruct the free flow of good energy.
7. Cross Ventilation: While constructing your home, make sure that the doors and windows are placed so that air can readily flow through them & ample ventilation thrown out. This will easily enable pleasant energy to travel throughout the whole home.
8. Storage Room Planning: Please make the most of your storage space by planning it carefully. Create tiny, compact storage rooms around the home to keep track of the objects you have saved & put them in a friendly & orderly manner.

Healing & Happiness:

Self healing is any activity one can do in order to function better physically, psychologically & socially. When an individual heals from within, he/she /they develop resilience & find Happiness.

Practicing gratitude or saying out loved the things or is grateful for or writing them down is another practice that allows us to appreciate all that we have & live a fulfilling life.

When we can self-heal, we cultivate stronger bodies, minds & we become resilient & self-healed individuals can appreciate the meaning & happiness their life-provide.

Healing & Happiness

Some tips to help you shift gears from negative emotions- such as anger to a happier more positive mindset & mood:-
1. Practice relaxation techniques
2. Nurture meaningful relationships
3. Pay attention to the positive
4. Get moving
5. Keep learning
6. Do good things for others

Healing & Happiness

Reiki helps me Heal & Create Happiness:

The meaning of the word reiki is healing energy that comes from the divine. Reiki removes the blockage of our body helps us to identify our negative thoughts processes and gives us the strength & capability to clear them.

Simple principles of Reiki in our everyday life:

1. Just for today, I will not worry.
2. Just for today, I will not be angry.
3. Just for today , I will be grateful.
4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
5. Just for today, I will be kind & loving to everyone being around me.


Mantra and Happiness:

Mantra is divide into 2 parts ‘MAN’ & ‘TRA’ meaning “to think “ & “tool” respectively or “the instrument of thought”.

By repeating Mantras, we affirm their meaning to our persona & potentially reinforce a belief into our primary being.

Some of the powerful Mantras are -
1. Lokah Samatah Sukhino Bhavantu !
2. Om Namo Bhagvati Vasudevaya !
3. Om,Shanti, Shanti,Shanti !
4. Ananda Hum !

Accept abundant love, happiness & positive energy into my life.

This mantra lifts your energy level automatically producing a positive mindset before starting the day.

Mantra and Happiness

Spirituality and Happiness:

Since spirituality is so deeply rooted in providing meaning, it is a direct access point for greater happiness.

Spirituality brings a sense of meaning to a chaotic world. When life events (large and small) take on greater significance, spiritual people are better able to cope with stress. Spiritual people are more likely to have gratitude for life’s enjoyable events and to more gracefully process challenging once.

Three ways to increase your Spirituality:
1. Spend five minutes at the end of the day writing down what you are grateful for. Gratitude amplifies in your life, & reminds you that you are blessed.
2. Meditate daily as you inhale invite your greater source into your life and as you exhale, offer your loving kindness out to all beings everywhere.
3. Volunteer your time for someone who is less well-off than you are. Making a difference in someone’s life increase your sense of purpose and meaning on the planet.

Yoga & Meditation for Happiness:

Meditation therapy is one of the best alternative therapies.

Yoga means to unite. Yoga gives happiness, health, bliss & beyond which are permanent unlike the temporary joys of the mundane world. Yoga also serves as a tool for me to experience divine.

Yoga is a form of meditation that promotes your happiness & well-being. Both practices have similar, goals; to help us attain clear & focused minds & a heightened sense of self.

“Yoga is not just about twisting & twining. Yoga means to exist in union within you & with the rest of creation - Sadguru”

Yoga & Meditation recharge the body with cosmic energy & facilitates:-

1. Attainment of perfect equilibrium harmony & peace
2. Promotes self healing
3. Removes negative blocks from the mind & toxins from the body
4. Helps in attention, focus & concentration, redirection & keeps motivated
5. Regulates the mind & thought waves
6. Bring close to oneself
7. It can boost immunity

Yoga & Meditation for Happiness

Yoga & Meditation for Happiness